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Wolverine's Love life (Past and Present); Brief research into his women
Topic Started: May 7 2009, 11:46 AM (109,358 Views)
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This is mostly considering physical love since he has had more casual lovers then real girl friends. But for simplicity's sake I am including anyone he dated/became involved with even if we are not sure what really happened with them. This list is not complete, eventually do more research on this. But good starting point.

Unnamed migrant worker from Sonora Mexico - Wolverine's first time (Weapon X)
Silver Fox - Girlfriend first real love we know about (First in Wolverine 10) *Dead*
Janet – Girlfriend killed by Cyber pre WWI (Marvel Comic Presents/Blood Hungry) *Dead*
Mystique - Dated or were together in the past. Indications that they continued a semi-relationship (Wolverine Get Mystique)
Seraph - Not sure how far this went but considering recent facts he fell for her and she was manipulating him... Confirmed as an exe.(Wolverine Origins Annual) *Dead*
Mary McKenna - Relationship back in the 30s, love confirmed in brief conversation. (Uncanny X-Men)
Catharine - Confirmed girlfriend during WWII. (I heart Marvel: My Mutant Heart) *Dead*
Atsuko – Lover at the end of WWII (Wolverine: Logan) *Dead*
Rita Hayworth - Brief interlude in a bathroom. (Wolverine/Hercules: Myths, Monsters & Mutants)
Abilene - One night stand in Chicago sometime after WWII - (WWH: Capt. America vs Wolverine)
Rose Carling - Long time off and on relationship as part of LL&L (Wolverine)
Lin Sun - Girlfriend back in the 50s in San Francisco. (Manifest Destiny)
Itsu – Wife and mother of Daken. (Wolverine/Wolverine: Origins) *Dead*
Katrina McCann - One night stand back in the 60s (Under the Boardwalk)
Cracklin' Rosa - Bar owner, sometime companion. (Classic X-Men)
Charlemagne - Fellow spy and lover (Spider Man vs Wolverine) *Dead*
Domino – friend and lover (New X-Men Annual)
Carol Danvers - close friend and fellow agent, strongly hinted there was more after she was captured by KGB *Confirmed more then friends* (Marvel Fanfare 14, Uncanny, Wolverine, etc.)
The Native – relationship after Wolverine escaped Weapon X (Wolverine) *Dead*
Narya (Snowbird) – Brief relationship (inferred from UXM 140)
Ai Chia Wong - Girlfriend during his time in China. Breaks up with him after he kills her father's murderer (Wolverine) *Dead*
Mariko Yashida – Girlfriend and fiancée (Uncanny X-Men) *Dead*
Yukio – Friend and lover (Wolverine LS)
Gahck – Lover in the Savage Land, has his son (Jungle Adventure)
Tyger Tiger – Friend and lover (Marvel Comic Presents/Blood Hungry)
Lynx – Lover in Nancy Rushman personality and ‘mate’ (Marvel Comics Presents)
Typhoid Mary (Mary Walker) – Friend and lover of her less hostile personality (Marvel Comics Presents/Typhoid’s Kiss)
Kayla - Native island girl Wolverine has a brief fling with (MCP)
Mai - Chinese woman he helps get revenge and then spends a couple days with. (MCP)
Bunny – Random girl he has fun with (Wolverine)
Cyndi - Random girl he has fun with (Wolverine)
Caley Blair – Girlfriend killed under NYC (Wolverine/Punisher Revelations) *Dead*
Cassandra "Cassie" Lathrop - Agent of ATF, obessed with Wolverine leads to brief romance (Wolverine)
Amir (Atlantean Woman) – Newish relationship (Wolverine) *Dead*
Pink Lady- Odd extra-dimensional woman Wolverine spends a night with (Wolverine/Doop )
Felicia Hardy (Black Cat) - Flirtation and attraction lead to dating. At least one consummation confirmed.(Claws/Claws II L.S.)
Annabel - One night stand to discover organ processing center (Chop Shop)
Skrul-ektra (Pagon) - Recently confirmed one night stand in Dark Reign: Elektra. *Dead*
Amber DeBlasio - One night stand while she tried to get information (Under the Boardwalk)
Melita Garner - Reporter and most recent new relationship (Weapon X)
Unnamed Shi'ar - Confirmed relations with at least one Shi'ar woman. (Weapon X)
Doreen Green (Squirrel Girl) - Strongly implied past relationship. (New Avengers vol 2)
Alika - Lycanthrope Wolverine spends a night with. (Wolverine 1000)
Jessica Drew - Partner and friend in Madripoor with hints of more. Quasi confirmed with her stating he is "A helluva kisser'. (Wolverine 16)
Aurora - Most likely slept together. Some hints prior then she propositioned him for after their first mission. He was taken aback didn't exactly say 'no' either. (Wolverine: First Class #5).
Dazzler - At least a one night stand if not a mini-relationship. (Best There is #12)
Dolores Downing - Unknown woman that he had a child with in the distant past. (Wolverine 15)
Unnamed Red Head - Woman Logan spend the night with after a tussle with Hercules (Wolverine/Hercules)
Jean Grey from AoA - Brief time together before she left for her home dimension. (Uncanny X-Force 19)
Eva - Morlock and depowered, stuck half as a rock like form. She spends a night with Wolverine. (Wolverine 309)
Kay Cera of ClanDestine - Strongly implied past history with Wolverine (Wolverine Annual 2012)
Remus - Twin sister of Romulus he dated in the past and again in the present. (Wolverine 313)

Near Misses:
Rose - Mostly unrequited love, could have progressed eventually if she had not died. *Dead*
Sparrow Hawk – Indian girl that Logan is close to. Romance is staved off when she is eaten *Dead*
Natasha Romanoff – Close friends and companions, no indication on more.
Heather Hudson - Mostly unrequited love, could have progressed if James Hudson had not come back
Jean Grey - Mostly unrequited love, had a chance after Scott picked Emma but she died...again *Dead*
Psylocke - Drinking buddies but no indication they went any further.
Storm - Mutual affection and a few dates interrupted by her getting married out of the blue.
Serra - Woman Logan was brought to breed with. Rejected her thinking his feelings weren't real (Killing)
Viper/Lady Hydra - married but no love and definitely not consummated
Elektra - Very close during his bestial phase and again during Enemy of the State. Nothing concrete that things moved past that although he did have a fling with her Skrull replacement.
Helen Bach - Almost started a relationship until she saw Jean and Storm (Wolverine)
Rogue - Friends and brief declaration of feelings (under mind alteration). Yet to develop more. (X-Men)
Aria - Zennan (alien) that possessed Wolverine for a time to get his help. Definite affection between them. (Wolverine)
Rachel Leighton (Diamondback) - Switched bodies with Dazzler and went for a little romp with Logan but got interrupted. (Uncanny X-Men Annual)
She-Hulk - Propositioned Wolverine but he turned her down since she had been with Juggernaut. (She-Hulk)

Alternate Loves:
Jean Grey - Lover in the Age of Apocalypse also in the Ultimate universe and Noir-verse and potentially Mangaverse (Weapon X, X, Ultimate X-Men, -Men: Noir, Marvel Mangaverse)
Elektra - Logan's wife and mother of Wild Thing (Wild Thing MC2)
Sung Li –Girlfriend in San Francisco. Meant to be current Logan but crossover title (Deathblow/Wolverine)
Carol Danvers - Logan's wife in alternate future (Wolverine: Days of Future Past)
Sue Storm - Leader of Hydra and Logan's lover (Exiles)
Mystique - Lover and SHIELD member (House of M)
Lady Deathstrike - Hinted to have been his previous lover (Marvel Mangaverse)
Magda Lehnsherr - Wolverine is shown to have a brief relationship with her (Ultimates 3)
Maureen Logan- Logan's wife in a bleak future. (Old Man Logan arc in Wolverine) *Dead*
Red Sonja - Logan's girlfriend when he travels to the past (What If?)
Gaea, Spirit of Earth - Yes Wolverine knocks up an entire planet in the future. (Fantastic Force)
Psionics (Cindy) - Stated she had a relationship with every male member of the team. (Fantastic Force)
Sara Pezzini (Witchblade) - Married to Wolverine (Wolverine/Witchblade).
Heather McDaniel Logan (Heather Hudson, Sasquatch) - Married to an alternate Wolverine (Exiles)
Natsu Teshima - Girl with amnesia that he has a brief relationship with in the movie-verse (X-Men the Movie: Prequel Wolverine).
Sophie - Girlfriend in a possible future (Strange Tales II)
Matriarch - Wolverine's top wife in an alternate take on Origins (Marville Originville).
Stacey - Waitress and brief love interest in Ages of Apocalypse (Wolverine 148)
Storm - Married in alternate timeline (as well as in the animated series) (What If?)
Psylocke - Relationship in the future (Uncanny X-Force) and One night stand in Feudal Japan story (5 Ronin)
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How about Cassie, the FBI agent in Rucka's series? She fantasizes about him, and they seem to have a brief "arrangement."
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Too bad a lot of them are dead. XD

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Ah. Logan at least has a active sex life. :boogie2:
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I'm going to go back and look at the Cassie Lathrop stuff, not sure if it ever developed though at least she should be in the near miss category. Still deciding where to put Elektra too. I always figured they had a thing going during Wolverine's bestial phase but not positive.

EDIT- Looking over the info does look like her got her umm curiosity sated.
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I know that this thread is mostly Wolvie's love life, but after that consider all the girls/women that Logan treats as daughters. I guess the long and the short of it is no matter what the relationship is lover, wife, friend, or daughter all the women/girls run to the Wolvie when things go bad.
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Yeah I did not want to get into the people he looks at as a daughter. That is its own big list.
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May 7 2009, 01:56 PM
Yeah I did not want to get into the people he looks at as a daughter. That is its own big list.
very true
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You forgot about Aurora, she flirted with Wolvie a lot.
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Flirted yes but I haven't seen indication that it went any further unless you have some reference I forgot. Not that Aurora did not jump into bed on a whim, cause she did. Just not sure she did so with Logan.
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Would you count the Vancouver cop (I can't think of her name, but she was depicted as of Asian descent) who had amnesia and Logan helped her recover her memory in the "X-Men Prequel: Wolverine" issue that came out with the first X-Men movie? There's a panel where she has leaped into his lap in their hotel room, wrapping him up in a big hug and kiss. Then, from the next panel, it appears they spent the night together. She also gives him some info to help him on his search at the end of the story and they share a kiss. Maybe a one-nighter, maybe not...

Not a bad story and nice artwork, I thought.
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